The Autolawn Committee Proudly Presents the 10th Anniversary Poster!

We are thrilled to introduce this year’s theme artwork created by local artist, Phinthone “Ping” Senesombath. Created in conjunction with her featured exhibition, “Ping’s Studio”, Ping’s artwork embodies the bold, artistic spirit of this year’s featured brand, Porsche. Purchase a poster at the merch tent then venture inside Hickory Museum of Art to meet Ping in her exhibition to have it personalized!

About the Artist & Exhibition, Ping’s Studio

Ping is a Laotian-American woman who does not conform to the traditional expectation of a tattoo artist. Ping is a fine artist, conducting a strict tattoo practice where she only tattoos her original artwork. This exhibition will include a re-creation of her studio complete with a tattoo bed, inks, tools, and flash wall; original sketches; photographs of completed tattoos; and a selection of Ping’s fine art. Some of Ping’s clients will stand on exhibition pedestals as living statues during special events throughout the run of the exhibition. Audiences will follow the progression of a tattoo, and explore the therapeutic aspect of tattooing.

Ping’s Studio coincides with Ben Venom: Bang Your Head; these exhibitions celebrate the museum’s core value of Complete Inclusivity by highlighting the reversal of stereotypical gender roles and the artists’ usage and mastery of mediums, and materials.

Ping started tattooing at 40 years old which is uncommon. With a strong, primarily self-taught art background, she quickly became known in the community and surrounding areas as a strong custom tattoo artist specializing in fine-line, detailed work.